The History & making of Nelson's Surplus Jeep Parts & Tires
Does anyone out there love this stuff as much as we do??

We are a small family run business... Our love for Jeeps started with a
long journey that has progressed in such a wonderful direction over the
years. We have been in business for more than 40 years, selling Jeep Parts
and Military Vehicle Parts to other enthusiasts, collectors, and Vintage
Military Buffs! Our line of parts mainly covers the years of vehicles used
through WWII, not modern vehicles that are in service now. We started out
in a tiny building which we used to store our parts and Jeeps. And when we
say tiny, we mean about the size of a two car garage! Our hobby quickly
grew and became an obsession and love for Jeeps.
Welcome to our Family!

That was over 40 years ago! Today we have established a large customer
base that has earned our trust and loyalty, mainly because of our meticulous
attention to detail and perfection with our parts and customer service. We sell
mostly NOS parts which we have acquired over the years, not re
manufactured parts. So were the place to shop if you are looking to build
your vehicle and use quality new NOS parts! Over the years we have built
our company into an impressive and massive, yet still very small time family
run business.

Our son Scott has two Grandchildren who are so thrilled to get to be a part
of there grandpa's hobby and beautiful vehicles. True appreciation for this
hobby is not for everyone, but in the Nelson's blood, it's running full throttle!

The wonderful thing about Nelson's Surplus is that you will be dealing
directly with the Owner, Phil Nelson and Judy Nelson. Phil got started
building, collecting and selling Jeep parts in his Early 20's and then went on
to form the business. Together with our many years of knowledge we
promise to give you the utmost positive experience when dealing with us, our
customers, & there needs come first for us always. Our love for Vintage
Military Vehicles & Jeeps has taught us many things over the years, & we
would love the chance to do business with you.

out there, but we are constantly always acquiring new things and working on
our own vehicles. Driving each year to support our Local Veterans in our
local Memorial Day, and also Street Fair parade. We have been driving in the
local parades for many years to support the men who were and still are
willing to risk there lives for our freedom and we respect you so much.
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Now accepting Credit Cards!
Phil Nelson Owner in Weasel
We sell NOS Jeep & Military Vehicle
Willys, M151, Misc: Half Tracks,
Weasels, Mules etc... Many many
others!), Also Trailers, Whole
Vehicles, and Military Tires (tires
still being sold, but due to such an
increase in rubber price, and
dwindling suppliers for us Tires are
getting harder and harder for us to
carry, but we have them for now!
Owner Phil Nelson and Son Scott Nelson Nelson's Surpls Jeep Parts
We also have Our two Sons who
help out with parades, and odd jobs
sometimes (Currently Scott is the
Admin and Webmaster for this site)

  • Brian Nelson - Son of Phil

  • Scott Nelson. - Son of Phil
Three generations of Nelson's are
either  involved in the family &
vehicles & history.

  • Phil Nelson - Owner
  • Judy Nelson.- Co Owner,
    Secretary, Shipping, &
    general shop assistant
Grandson In Bantam Driving, (not for real lol)
Grandson, Just so cute, wearing Helmet
We do have a small fleet of fully restored
Jeeps and Military Vehicles, not only are we
here to serve those collector's and restorers
Our name and company reputation are known throughout the whole world
among collectors & MVPA members. We were instrumental in the starting &
organizing of the MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation  Association, Charter
Member# 162C) We have some of the most vast knowledge in the industry
and can help you with any project we carry parts for. (Allot of the parts we
have are very rare and cannot be found anywhere else out there!!
Since we are such a small
time business please
understand that our online
business and contact are
mainly online for the time
being relating to our online
sales, but are available for
always! Though this
website might be new to
us, we promise that we will
reply, answer, and ship
your product out super fast
just like normal!
time in over 40
years, we are now
Accepting Credit
Cards to!
We very much look forward to this new endeavor for us on the Internet
and expanding to serve more customers. To all of our friends and
customers out there in the business that we've met along the way, we
thank you for all of your support
Let's Go Jeeping!
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Grandson manning machine gun on Hallf Track
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1024 East Park Ave.
Columbiana, OH 44408
Phil Nelson - Owner